The story of "Toe"

I had a minor accident on the motorbike the other day. I was trying to park in a tight space and while it was still running it fell over on me and we both fell into a fence and crushed some tropical vegetation—in the center of town. I think it was still running because my hand was frozen to the handle while someone helped me up. I pretty much smashed my toe and any chance of ever riding a motorcycle again. It took most of the afternoon for my heart rate to return to normal.
EDM #199 Draw a toe

This is a Piaggio Fly 125 (beautifully designed Italian motor scooter) and I am deathly afraid of it. Since the "incident" I have only ridden as a passenger, under duress. I usually try to find some excuse not to go, but eventually I cave and there I am on "The Fly" wincing, gulping and pointing out danger. HATI-HATI as they say here.
EDM #70 Draw something you are afraid of

I am also afraid of cheese. I think cheese is quite delicious, but soooooooooo many calories and that makes it dangerous because one may possibly loose track of how many delicious calories one has had. Sure there's protein, but not enough to outweigh that fat content. So call me crazy...
EDM #189 Draw something dangerous

I rented a bike the other day so I could get around on a much safer mode of transportation. Sometimes I have to ride (I actually have to merge into traffic) onto a four-lane highway known as "The Bypass". This would clearly not be legal in the USA. The rest of the time, I ride cautiously watching for cars and motorbikes that may cut me off, pull out in front of me, pass on the right or come straight at me in my lane and I'm hugging the curb.
Yes this is a much safer way to go...
EDM #35 Draw a bicycle