Tikus—a cat named mouse

We have rats dancing on the thatched roof in the great room and mice party in the kitchen at night while we sleep. We called the property manager and their solution was a kucing (a cat)—of course. They told us of a large Persian mouser that they would bring to our villa and he would take care of the "tikus" which is the Indonesian word for rats and mice.

So, three days ago, Uul arrives with a box that he brought on his motorbike from their home about half hour crazy from here. He had no luck catching the big Persian mouser that he chased through the rice fields in Umalas, but he did bring a cat. He opens the box and there is the tiniest cat looking up at me—maybe 5lbs. She is not the typical Bali wild cat, but as Uul explained, "she adopted them, lives at their house, but she is not their pet". So she moved in and I named her Tikus. She has claimed a bright pink mat on a bench in the kitchen and when she is not sleeping there or eating crunchies, I see her chasing mice in the garden. Despite her diminutive size, she is quite loud.

After a day, my western ways got the best of me and I started to worry about the fact that this cat wasn't spayed (they don't do that much here). So off we went to find a Dokter Hewan. The last thing we need is a litter of "anak kucing". Later that day a beautiful young Balinese woman arrived on a motorbike and introduced herself as Kadek the Dokter Hewan. We all sat on the floor and made plans for the operation which with our limited Indonesian and her very limited English took some work, a dictionary and a fair amount of pantomime while Tikus slept in our laps. She determined Tikus to be about eight months old and she could perform the operation tomorrow either at her home or at our villa—AT OUR VILLA?