Walking in Watercolor: An Introduction

In the spring of 2014, my longtime friend Patti and I decided to walk the Camino de Santiago for an important birthday milestone. We read about it, trained for it, and I decided to put my art to the test. I would sketch every day—watercolors over ink—quick and loose, to capture gesture, form, light, and color—and I hope on this journey—meaning.

A pilgrimage is seeking in its purest form. It is a progression toward something more. For each of us, it is our own personal journey. So, with packs on our backs that for five weeks would be our dressers, closets, medicine cabinet, pantries, and for me my art studio, we would walk 500 miles following scallop shells and yellow arrows to Santiago de Compostela (The Way).

The Camino is very much like sketching. The joy is found not by finishing but in the act of doing. It's a journey that captures your heart.


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