Pentel Brush Pen

Pink Tulips and Portraits

Last fall, I helped plant a garden for the Pink Tulip Project which is a fundraising project that benefits the Women's Cancer Fund at the Maine Cancer Foundation. Gardens are established to raise funds, create awareness and support for those who have been affected by breast cancer and beautify the community.

On my run the other day, I noticed that they are all in full bloom around the city. Everyday, Sophie and I walk by this one blooming in front of a hotel up the street. I caught it the other evening as the sun was setting.

Still obsessed with doing portraits for Julia Kay's Portrait Party on Flickr. Above is my friend Donna. Together, we survived the Dalvero Academy boot-camp last summer and we are going back again.

The very talented Katarzyna aka Katek 29. You can see her beautiful work here.

More portraits and some flowers

I am still enjoying (okay, I'm a bit obsessed) for doing portraits for Julia Kay's Portrait Party on Flickr. It is such great way to practice, practice, practice. These studies are quite challenging. I try to capture likeness through lines, marks and color. I then have to post them along with portraits from other talented artists. Then of course, the person I am sketching gets to see the portrait also. Yikes—scary!

I usually add color to most everything I do, but decided to submit these two just as ink sketches.

A quick sketch of a bouquet of tulips that were used as a photo-shoot prop. Once again, by the time I got around to sketching them they were on their way into the trash.