Ink and watercolor in small watercolor Moleskine


Every week I communte to Potomac Maryland for work. An hour plane ride and on a good day it is only 45 minutes from the Baltimore airport to work. The traffic in the greater DC area is unbelievably conjested and the slightest drizzle can turn an hour commute into 2+ hours. You can imagine what it must be like when it snows. Last winter some of my collegues had an 8 hour commute home. I, on the otherhand, was stranded and not getting home at all.

It is always wonderful when I look out the window and see this view. The islands dotting the Casco Bay and Portland harbor. A beautiful sight and a sigh of relief, knowing I will soon be home.

Seems like I live in the airport

I travel every week from Portland Maine to Potomac MD for a great consulting job. That means Portland to Baltimore. Not a bad commute—one plane for one hour, but there is a lot of time waiting.

This little girl was coming back from DisneyWorld with her family. She had just been to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and climbed on the plane in full princess make-up and clothes. She immediately fell asleep. It must be tiring to be a princess.

Sometimes this is my dinner...

Puppy sitting

Sophie and I went out to Cape Elizabeth the other afternoon to puppy sit for Sang, a nine week old Weimaranar. I was rainy and cold, but we ran around and on grass anyway—well they did. Sophie was a little disappointed that Sang wasn't better at chasing her and was more interested in eating mulch.

After growling (Sophie) at the waterdish and a few laps around the dining room table, it was time for a dog break. While Sang slept in his crate and Sophie curled up on the couch staring at me with that "what is that creature in the crate" look, I sketched the rainy and cold view.