Ink and watercolor in journal

Down by the sea

My little white dog, Sophie, absolutely loves the beach, but has never had much of an inclination to go in the ocean or any other large body of water. She will race up and down along the waters edge, roll in seaweed and any other unidentifiable beach debris, snatch and eat a sea urchin that the tide has pushed onshore and I have found her in a pile of mussel shells and seaweed chewing on the bone of a bird. Never much more than a toe getting wet, she can make the most of a walk on the beach.
One afternoon, my friend Patti carried her out and set her in the water and she swam like hell back to the shore. Her little legs started going before she even hit the water—hilarious!

A slight setback—sangat sakit (very sick)

On Saturday afternoon, May 29th, before I was able to finish drawing and posting my Every Day in May challenge, I came down with a bug—chills and fever put me to bed and I slept for 14 hours. On Sunday, thinking I was better, I ventured out and then collapsed again that night with a high fever. On Monday, though I felt better, I went to the doctor (in a foreign country!!!) and was told I had a temperature of 38c. Being from the USA, I had no idea what the Fahrenheit equivalent was to that number, but I went home with something to reduce the fever and antibiotics for all the other bad stuff.

I am finally feeling better and the Every Day in May challenge completed.

Every Day in May—EDM #29, #30 and 31

EDM #29 Draw something architectural. while taking a hike one morning we passed by these Balinese temples deep in the woods/jungle in Bedugul Bali. There are ten of thousands of temples in Bali so it really is an everyday everywhere experience to see temples.

EDM #30 Draw a chair. In the dining room at the villa.

EDM # 31 Draw something you collect. I don't really collect anything. As a matter of fact, I am trying to downsize by getting rid of things. I do, however, have LOTS and LOTS of pens—crazy!

Every Day in May—EDM #25 and #26

EDM #26 Draw a vegetable. In Bali there is this vegetable called kangkung or water spinach or "KingKong". It is anything that is green and leafy and seems to be served with everything. There are slight differences depending on the region it is grown. I'm not wild about the kungkung from Lombok—too chewy. Anyway, I love this stuff. It is cheap delicious and when sautéed wIth bumbu Bali, tomatoes and coconut milk served over nasi puti (rice), it is to die for!

EDM #25 Draw a glass. As good as the fruit is Bali the wine is that horrible...and expensive! They have started making their own, but where I grew up in Northern California, they would pour this swill down the drain. Wine is so expensive that it is $30+ for a bottle of imported not so great wine. So, I have developed a taste for a local rose mixed with sparkling water. We have named this drink a "Sparkling Jeni".

Every Day in May—EDM #23 and #24

EDM #23 Draw your foot. While dangling my feet over the pool to do this sketch, I realized that my feet have spent way too much time logging miles in my running shoes. One of the wonderful things about Bali is the $6 pedicure that comes with a reflexology foot massage. I'm going today!

EDM #24 Draw a piece of fruit. A fruit vendor at the local market here in Bali. All the fruit here is amazing, but mangos are the best. We cut them into bite size pieces and put them in the freezer. It is the best mango sorbet on the planet.

Every Day in May—EDM #19

EDM#19—Draw something you made. I have a friend who always pulls out her latest sock knitting project when we are either sailing or just hanging around before going out for dinner. Such a great idea being so portable. Also smallish and doesn't take up too much room when traveling. So I gave it a try and here it is—one sock! I have never finished the other one. Someday...maybe...
I have a feeling I am not the only one who has suffered from the "One Sock Syndrome".

Every Day in May—EDM #18

EDM #18—Draw the view from a window in your house. My cats, Jazzy and Bobo have come home after two years in Arizona with my sister and her family. They will stay here with a cat sitter while I am in Indonesia for the next six weeks. This is the view from my living room window which I now share with two fat cats.

I have been so busy with this crazy "Every Day in May" challenge and packing to travel to Bali that I have put my portrait obsession on the back burner. Here is the first one I have done in a while for Julia Kay's Portrait Party.
Photo rreference here.

Every Day in May—EDM #12

Here's last night's dinner for day # 12 of the Every Day in May/EDM challenges. Since Jerry is in Bali and I am still in the states, my dinners at home alone run more to the vegetarian, quick and easy and for the most part not cooked, like carrots and hummus. Yesterday, I couldn't resist some takeout from the Whole Foods macrobiotic side of the salad bar. Is was soooooooooooo good. Lots picking while drawing. Tonight I'm back to carrots and hummus.

Every Day in May—EDM #2 and #3

EDM #2—Draw a lamp. I don't really care much for the lamps in our house, but shhhh, don't tell Jerry.

EDM #3—Draw a purse, wallet or bag. My very cool and durable Sea Bag was a gift from a friend and I have been loading it up and dragging it around for years. This company, located on Custom House Wharf on Portland Maine's waterfront, makes custom tote bags out of recycled sails. Check them out at Sea might just have to get one.

Every Day in May—EDM #1 Draw a shoe

Liz Steel (aka Borromini Bear), and friends, proposed the idea to do the EDM challenges 1-31 for "Everyday in May". Sounded like a great idea to balance my portrait obsession. I am having major computer problems so scanning and posting is challenging. My 6+ year old 12" Macbook Pro, where the letter A has worn off the keyboard, has finally died. This new one does not have any of my applications on it yet, so I am winging it without photoshop.

I love these!!!
While at the gym, I saw Candace Bushnell being interviewed wearing these fabulous Chanel clogs. Out of this world expensive and with a four inch heel would make me over 6 feet tall. Then there is that toppling over thing. Alas, I will never own them, but I highly covet them so I drew them for my May 1st challenge. I will just have to settle for a knock-off and maybe a bit lower heel...

It blew and blew

The other night, during a storm, the winds were blowing about 6o miles per hour. The windows were rattling, the building was swaying (I think), the BBQ slide across the deck thankfully still tethered to the gas line and I even saw a witch on a bicycle (I think). The next morning I noticed several flower pots scattered around the neighborhood, both whole and broken. I knew they were from my deck and gathered up the debris. They were faux pottery so I knew no one had gotten hurt, but it must have been quite a sight seeing them fly off the deck.