6" X 8" oil on canvas board

DSFDF challenge—Rower on Lake Michigan

Yesterday, I dragged out my oils after almost a year. I had to go into the "way back machine" to get the oil painting process going again as I spent the afternoon muddling through the latest Different Strokes from Different Folks challenge from Karin Jurick. I kept thinking this is going to be way too hard as I stared at the reflections in the water and the figure in the boat in the photograph she posted. My next thought was to maybe wait for the next challenge and go take a run". The fog and drizzle we have been experiencing here in Maine deterred me from that distraction, so I squeezed out the paint and gave it a try. Though it seems a bit stiff, I am pleased to have finished and got up the nerve to send it to Karin to post with the others.

me and my shadow

Sophie is a 14 lb Bichon Frise mix who thinks she is a big dog. Unafraid of most dogs, it can be a little embarrassing as I smile and make excuses for my fierce little white dog. However, this mighty little dog is desperately afraid of storm drains and refuses to budge unless we cross the street to make a wide circle around them. She then looks back and gives me that "there is possibly something creepy lurking under that drain cover" face. Actually, I have to agree with her.