College of Bali

I am taking two workshops this summer when I get back to the states. A watercolor course with Charles Reid in Vermont and "drawing bootcamp" with Dalvero Academy in Orlando, Florida. I am hoping that the two will compliment one another and help me on my creative journey. Both will require me to paint and draw people and I need the practice in addition to sketching at the beach (soooooooo hot). 

I have started rereading the Charles Reid's books I managed to cram into my luggage and doing daily (well, almost) 30-60 second poses for as long as I can stand it on I then practice my Indonesian for our "Super Express Indonesian" lessons with Pak Usman. Today, I took a break for a Bali Kopi and I couldn't help thinking that I felt like I was back in college. The only difference is I think I smoked a cigarette with my coffee in that galaxy far far away, so long long ago.

The above sketch was three 60 second poses on Indonesian paper that is used to serve street food. It is cheap so I can burn through it and not care. I colored in later with gouache.