+ What art supplies do you use to create your watercolors?

At Home/In Studio

I work with a variety of art supplies, these basics are always on hand.
Pens and Pencils:
Staedtler pigment Liner 0.3
Kuretake Brush Pen (Felt tip pen)
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (soft brush pen)
Namiki Fountain pen
Pilot Art Brush pens
Mechanical pencils #7 #9
Colored Pencils, large set
Markers—Tombow, Copic, Sharpies, Faber Castell Pitt Pens
Paint Markers—Posca
Kneaded eraser

DaVinnci Sable #8 #10 #12
Mop brush
A stash of inexpensive brushes for inks and lettering

John Pike watercolor palette with a great mixing area. It is filled with around 24 beautiful Daniel Smith watercolors with a few Windsor &Newton and Holbein colors I prefer.

Lately, for my watercolors I am using sheets of Strathmore 400 Series watercolor paper that I cut down to size. I always keep a Moleskine watercolor sketch book around the house and several inexpensive sketch books for quick drawings.

When Traveling

When I travel, or go out on location I pare down as much as possible depending upon available space and weight.
Pens and Pencils:
Staedtler pigment Liner 0.3
Kuretake Brush Pen (Felt tip pen)
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen (soft brush pen)
Sailor Calligraphy Fountain Pen
Mechanical pencil #7
Watercolor Pencils—Blue Grey and Terracotta
Kneaded eraser

Escoda travel brushes #8 and #12

Small 3”x 5”metal watercolor palette with 24 half pans crammed into one tiny space
Collapsible cup for water
Spray water bottle

A 5.5” x 8” Moleskine watercolor sketchbook is a great size for carrying around and the paper takes a lot of paint and water. When going for long walks where I carry a pack on my back, I rip off the hard cover and replace with a light cover stock to lighten the weight in my pack.

+ Where do your ideas come from in the creative process?

For me ideas come from the world around me—I sketch what I see. The simplest of things can be the most joyful to sketch—my dog Sophie, food, a walk, places, people, the weather, experiences, things around the house and animals—I love drawing animals.

I’m also inspired by the art I see at museums, galleries and online. So many creative and talented artists past and present have influenced me.

+ How have you developed your creative habit?

It is not easy to draw every day and I am in awe of those who can keep a daily sketching habit. It comes and goes for me and when I haven’t sketched for a day or two it nags at me. I find that online art challenges are great motivators like “Inktober”, “Every Day in May” and “Sketch Book Skool’s” monthly challenges. All these helps to keep me on track doing what I really love.

+ Is it ever hard to get going?

Yes, getting going is the hardest part. It’s so easy to let other things get in the way. Everyday life is a great excuse. Then we must dig deep inside to find the time to do the thing that will ultimately make us happy. My advice is, even when you don’t feel inspired, create something anyway.

+ How do you quiet your inner critique?

Creative people often wrangle with this issue. I use a lot of different techniques that I have learned over the years. I walk my dog, exercise religiously, browse through my art books, see what others are doing, take a class and even try to meditate. I am fortunate to have a circle of friends who boost my spirits and keep me going. Eventually, I remember a great quote by Stephen King “Writing means ass in chair”. It is much the same for art, so I get my ass in the chair and just do it.


+ How do I pay? Are transactions safe?

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+ How can I get in touch?

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