Balinese sculpture

One of the things that first attracted me to Bali was how full of art life is here. It is in statues, carvings, furniture, temples, fabrics, clothing, offerings and the delicious food. It is all part of an incredibly artful culture and it is everywhere you look. 

Balinese sculpture is a combination of 9th century Hindu-Buddhist style and the ancient island animistic vision and it has changed little over time. The religious and symbolic purpose of a piece determines the type and style, materials and placement. The four above happen to be a few I walk by along the beach. Humans are not the only ones who wear clothes - the Balinese clothe almost everything which possesses a head, a body and feet - buildings, shrines, altars, ancestor stones and statues. Some will be draped in black and white poleng cloth which is the symbol of polarity of positive and negative forces.