Every Day in May—EDM #1 Draw a shoe

Liz Steel (aka Borromini Bear), and friends, proposed the idea to do the EDM challenges 1-31 for "Everyday in May". Sounded like a great idea to balance my portrait obsession. I am having major computer problems so scanning and posting is challenging. My 6+ year old 12" Macbook Pro, where the letter A has worn off the keyboard, has finally died. This new one does not have any of my applications on it yet, so I am winging it without photoshop.

I love these!!!
While at the gym, I saw Candace Bushnell being interviewed wearing these fabulous Chanel clogs. Out of this world expensive and with a four inch heel would make me over 6 feet tall. Then there is that toppling over thing. Alas, I will never own them, but I highly covet them so I drew them for my May 1st challenge. I will just have to settle for a knock-off and maybe a bit lower heel...