Every Day in May—EDM #25 and #26

EDM #26 Draw a vegetable. In Bali there is this vegetable called kangkung or water spinach or "KingKong". It is anything that is green and leafy and seems to be served with everything. There are slight differences depending on the region it is grown. I'm not wild about the kungkung from Lombok—too chewy. Anyway, I love this stuff. It is cheap delicious and when sautéed wIth bumbu Bali, tomatoes and coconut milk served over nasi puti (rice), it is to die for!

EDM #25 Draw a glass. As good as the fruit is Bali the wine is that horrible...and expensive! They have started making their own, but where I grew up in Northern California, they would pour this swill down the drain. Wine is so expensive that it is $30+ for a bottle of imported not so great wine. So, I have developed a taste for a local rose mixed with sparkling water. We have named this drink a "Sparkling Jeni".