Penobscot Bay cruise continued

We spent the night of day 4 moored in Blue Hill Harbor. It was good to get off the boat and walk 1 1/2 miles into town for an afternoon latte, checking out the galleries and picking up a few more supplies.

After a wonderful long sail through the Eggamagin Reach we ended up a Bucks Harbor for the night of day 5. This is a wonderful protected little harbor. It was such a warm sunny evening that us brave ones jumped in the icy Maine water for a swim. If you floated on the top you could feel a warm layer of water from the sun. Other than that it is just damn cold. A warm hose down shower on the deck and drying out in the sun made it a prefect day.

The next day wasn't as perfect as the fog came in overnight. They were predicting thunderstorms so we motored and then moored in Holbrook Harbor on day 6, a sheltered cove near Castine. Sunny and warm the next day so a brisk icy swim got the day started. I usually scream when I hit the water and swim as fast as I can around the boat muttering "oh my god, oh my god" and then I'm out and totally awake.

We had lobsters on the deck that night in Holbrook Harbor. Eating the fresh juicy meat and tossing the shells over our shoulders into the water to become part of the planet again.

We had a lovely long sail of up to 8 knots to our final destination in Camden Harbor.

It was a lovely week.