Penobscot Bay cruise 2010

Map of our week long cruise

We spent a week cruising the Penobscot Bay on Zora a lovely 38 ft. center cockpit sailboat. We left Rockland Harbor the afternoon of July 31st. First stop for the night was Perry's Creek on Vinalhaven. Our daily destination was always decided in the morning after a leisurely cup of coffee or tea.

It was a busy week before we left for the cruise. Along with selling my house the day before we left, my hair had to be cut off because I managed to fry it in Bali—hair color and swimming a mile a day in a chlorinated pool don't work so well together. So before we set sail it all (or much of it) had to go. It's short and fun and the general consensus is it's a keeper, but it is still not back to it's healthy self, so every morning it looked like some Osprey had nested in it over night. Basically standing on end and going every which way. I had a kind of "Osprey nest bed-head" style the whole trip. Good thing we were mostly on the boat and there are hats!

On day 2 we sailed through the Fox Island and Deer Island Thorofares to our destination of beautiful Frenchboro Harbor, Long Island. Incredible views of the mountains of Acadia Park on Mt Desert Island.
Day 3 we sailed into Southwest and Northeast Harbors looking for showers and supplies. Then a beautiful sail to Isleford where we moored for the night and had dinner at the Islesford Dock restaurant—delish!

Glidden Point oysters for everyone but me. I don't like to eat them but love to draw them.

I had to at least have a bite or maybe two of this fresh homemade Raspberry crisp.