Every Day in May—EDM #21 and #22

Hello from Bali
EDM #22 Draw a piece of clothing—A sarong. I'm a bit behind on my challenges because of traveling. So as you can see by EDM #22 I am back in Bali. The sarong is a traditional clothing style in Indonesia for both men and women and many Balinese still wear the beautiful traditional cotton batik. With this heat it is a comfortable choice. I have several but don't wear them outside the villa for fear of it falling off. The drawing above is on the beach path which is lined with small shops selling sarongs in every color and print.

EDM #21 Draw something antique or vintage. I sketched this quickly before leaving the USA on the afternoon of the 19th. It is a wonderful carving from somewhere in Central America that my grandmother brought home from one of her travels. I love it and have been dragging it around for years. Watercolors were packed so I used colored pencils.