Every Day in May—EDM #20 Draw something "Dad" in honor of father's day

This is my father, Jim Lawson. He turned 84 three days ago. On his birthday, all the people at the gym stopped exercising and sang happy birthday to him. One woman asked him what he used for wrinkle cream and he said the same thing he uses to brush his teeth—hmmmm.

I sketched this in March when I was visiting my parents in California. We were sitting outside in the sun after going to the gym. He looks pretty good!

This was a painting I did in a Charles Reid workshop I took last year. Charles likes using black and white photos as an exercise in his classes. I just happened to have this photo of my father in my art bag. It was taken when he was a senior in high school and on the football team at "Paly High" in Palo Alto, California. Following in the footsteps of his famous father, Stanford University's first All-American football player—Jim Lawson.

What a dude! Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day.