Semangka banyak

The other day I went to bed with and then awakened the next morning with a terrible headache. I ended up sleeping much of the day while busy Bali happened around me. Our housekeeper, Maria, asked how I was before she left for the day. With one eye opened I told her I couldn’t figure out why I felt so bad because the day before I ate nothing but delicious semangka (watermelon). She got a horrified look on her face and said quite loudly “Madame, tidak makan semangka banyak. Anda akan sakit kepala pusing”. “You will get a headache from eating too much watermelon”.

When her husband, Paskalis, arrived there was heated discussion around my watermelon consumption, more reprimanding and even finger wagging. The next day, when Jerry got back from Jakarta, he got an earful on the dangers of eating too much watermelon. Who knew…

Sky Study 5.15.09 The morning sky was looking east from the driveway and the night sky was having dinner at the beach looking out over the water.