A night at the Kalimantan

The Kalimantan is an open air bar and restaurant across the street from our villa. Owned for almost 20 years by an expat named Bob from Denver Colorado and his wife, Ibu Bob, from Kalimantan (Borneo). They serve an eclectic menu of Indonesian, Mexican and American food. They have the best fresh juice of any kind and my favorite kopi Bali. Some days, Jerry has been known to have three squares at what we sometimes refer to as "the commissary".

Saturday night we wandered over to the Kalimatan to sit at the bar, have a glass of wine and watch CNN with Bob and the other regulars. I was drawing the pelangkirin hanging on the wall, which is a chair like alter for placing offerings to the gods. Chicaks were running back and forth across the walls as we drank wine from a box. All of the sudden there was screaming from their house in the back of the restaurant where their Dachshund, Bogie, had grabbed a cobra in his mouth as it was going to strike. Everyone else ran to see the commotion, except me because I HATE SNAKES! Bogie's head was moving so fast that he shook the cobra in half. Bob smashed the cobra's head with a shovel and Ibu swept it all up.

Just another day in Bali...