An afternoon at Rudy's Salon

It was time for a cut and color. So off I went, on my bike, carefully merging onto the busy "Bypass". It costs me about $25, which is a far cry from what I pay in the USA. They speak enough English and I speak enough Indonesian to get the job done. I leave with my usual "bob" cut quite well, but my hair tends to come out a bit dark. I call it "Balinese black". They are so nice and I can always have my usual color and  highlights when I get back home in June. Better start saving up for that!

Not so good for the unhappy tourist below having a very bad hair day...

Sitting in the chair next to me, she was scowling at the mirror, smoking, having a pedicure and throwing a bit of a tantrum about her hair. She was so busy being angry that she didn't even notice me sketching her out of the corner of my eye.