Morning beach walk

Early morning, before it gets too warm, people gather to talk, swim, prepare the daily offerings and tidy up in front of their warungs before opening for business. There is a lot of sweeping of the sidewalks, sand and grass in front of each, getting rid of fallen leaves, fronds and Fangipani flowers. Their sapu is made from 3 ft long coconut twigs tied together to create this most beautiful broom. Sometimes with a handle but mostly not, it seems to be quite an effective tool for Bali. The fallen Autumn leaves of New England would be a very different story...

Getting ready to make and assemble the daily prayer offerings.

Checking the surf before wave surfing and diving off the reef.

This morning dip can be anywhere from 10 to 25 local Balinese enjoying the water and a little conversation before starting a day on Sanur Beach.