RIP Jorge Royan artist

I met Jorge at the Usk Symposium in 2012. We took a class from Nina Johansson who had us take painted impressions from the streets and manhole covers and then swap with someone to then use as a background to sketch on. I ended up swapping with Jorge and while we sketched together on the hot July morning in Santo Domingo DR he kept reminding me that he gave me really great backgrounds to work with. Laughing, we fell into the rhythm of the pure joy of sketching.
He invited me early on to join the Sketching Workshop group on FaceBook and I immediately accepted. He created a diverse and dynamic group that thrived on the love of sketching, along with sharing ideas and giving feedback. Jorge continued to always challenge himself and in return would challenge us. His absence is deeply felt among us.
My deepest sympathy to Jorge's family for their loss.
Rest in peace Jorge Royan