Sunset—September 20,2012

Dip pen and ink, watercolor, the sun and the moon

I'm painting as fast as I can! 

A friend called to catch the sunset last night. As I hesitated, I was reminded that in a few months from now the sun will be setting a 4:15 pm and it will be bitter cold.

A big crowd of people were enjoying watching the sun go from bright yellow to blood orange to hot pink as it dipped below the horizon over the western mountains of Maine and New Hampshire. Not quite as relaxing for me...paint was flying everywhere as I frantically tried to capture it before it set.

After the sun disappeared behind the mountains and I put my sketchbook on the ground to dry, the sky turned cerulean blue with big pale pink clouds. The almost first quarter moon was heading east across the sky and glowing bright white from the light of the sun. The beauty unfolding before me took my breath away!!!