DisneyWorld Animal Kingdom Day 3 and Day 8

Once again I attended a Dalvero Academy DisneyWorld Reportage Workshop Aug/1-Aug/10, 2012. Eight, long, hot, wonderful days drawing in the Disney parks alongside a group of very talented artists and our brilliant leaders Veronica Lawler and Margaret Hurst

There is so much to see and draw there never seems like enough time to get it all in. With Ronnie and Marg it is thunmbnail, thumbnail, thumbnail to get the most out of the days. We are all required to sketch every parade that comes through the parks. There is always a bit of "high anxiety" as these parades are moving fast.

 Mickey's Jammin' Jungle parade at Animal Kingdom—Dip pen and watercolor.

Along the pathways in Asia at Animal Kingdom. Dip pen, colored pencil and watercolor.

East African Drummers at Animal Kingdom's Harambe Village. Pen and brush pen.

Mickey's Jungle Jammin' parade—colored pencil.