Gone to the dogs...

Blogging has taken a backseat to working. I still manage to sketch but not as much and I am way out of pratice. I never find time to scan and post. I have been keeping a bit of a dog and cat journal during my travels and thought this was a good time to post since my blog has Gone to the Dogs.

Pampered in Paris
This little guy was one of many dogs that were living the good life in Paris. Paris is the land of the little dogs with coats. Even the dogs are fashionable.

Looking for food in Bali
My heart has always gone out to all the homeless Bali street dogs. The beauty of Bali was contrasted by the mangy starving dogs that roam freely in the streets, on the beaches and in and round the markets and restaurants. Rabies is an epidemic that has spread throughout the island. Too many dogs and cats that never get spayed or nuetered and this perpetuates the problems. I saw things that still haunt me.

Adopted in California
I met Rudy when I visited my parents in California. He is the cutest little dog that was adopted by a wonderful family. He has a great life now.

Snacking on Uni (sea urchin) in Maine
Sophie likes nothing better than to find a sea urchin washed up on the beach. She manages to crack it open and devour all the meat inside. The spines don't seem to even phase her. She has chronic fish breath...