On the waterfront

Portland Maine still maintains a working waterfront. Every morning bright and early the lobster boats set out in any weather. I can't imagine what it must be like out there in January.

Sophie and headed down to one of the piers the other day so I could sketch. I don't know why I take her, because I don't focus or concentrate as much. I am always concerned about what she is up to and having to reel her in, so these lobsters are a bit of a dark and muddy watercolor mess. It's good to have someone to blame...

Docked after a day out on the water. The seagulls go crazy, chasing after and swarming these boats. From our home we watch them swoop around the buildings squawking as they look for food and garbage along the waterfront. They often perch on our roof top near the deck or on the skylight which throws Sophie into a barking and growling frenzy. They are part of the sights and sounds of living here.