Portraits, portraits and edamame

I am having a great time doing portraits for Julia Kay's Portrait Party on Flickr. I can't stop doing them, but I can be like that about many things. Like when I love a certain food, I will want to eat it for every meal. Right now I am really into edamame. So it's lots of edamame and portraits.

We will be going back to Bali soon, so I am getting into my Bali mind set. This is a portrait of my friend Yanti.

And then I did beautiful Yanti again, mixing it up a bit with more dramatic color and pencils.

A quick watercolor of the Easter tulips before they got tossed. I added some digital lines using Corel Painter. Digital art is a total unknown area for me, but I am curious about it. It is quite awkward for me to make my hand move the cursor to do the work or go the direction I want. It is not like moving a pen around on a piece of paper, but you can hit the "undo" button. I do worry about the work looking too "digital" but I must keep learning.

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