Exercise and other weekend activities

The temperature shot up to 55° this weekend, so I couldn't face the gym. Sophie and I walked 8 miles on the beach with a good friend on Saturday and on Sunday we ran five miles. It was great to get outside.

Sophie likes to stop a lot. There are things a dog just has to do. Then there are the times she doesn't want to go any further. We have learned to compromise. When she stops I will do lunges and when she won't go any further I pick her up and do walking lunges. You do what you got to do. We must be quite a sight!

Cold again and it was early so I was back at the gym. As I was lifting weights, a man came up to me and asked what I was training for? I looked at him and said "life, I guess". Yes, that's it, for my life. Sometimes I just don't want to do it (and sometimes I don't), but usually I do something everyday, because it is for life.

In between exercising in the gym and walking and running outdoors this weekend, I made these watercolor sketchbooks. Two were made from recycled books that I got a the "Dumptique" and three I made the hard cases. Thanks to Jana Bouc of JanasJournal and Shirley Levine of Paper and Threads for their informative posts and this $15 DVD that Kate had recommended to Jana: Bookbinding: A Traditional Technique, the handmade journal mystery has been solved. All were made with various watercolor papers and decorative papers that I already had, so I just needed a few bookbinding tools. It's actually quite fun and very satisfying. Also, a little addictive as you can see.