Woven Voices~Messages from the Heart

My good friend Sarah Haskell is an artist who specializes in weaving. One of her recent projects is Woven Voices~ Messages from the heart. It is an interactive global art project inspired by Tibetan prayer flags, Shinto paper prayers and the Buddhist concept of impermanence.

People send positive messages of hope and renewal, dreams, wishes or prayers written on paper or cloth. These messages will be read aloud in a public place and then woven into brightly colored prayer flags. the flags are then sent back to those who sent messages. The hand woven flags will hang outside in communities around the world to fade, unravel and release the message of hope, peace and renewal.

She gave me three flags to bring to Bali. They are now hanging from a Frangipani tree here in Sanur.

It's pretty cool! Check it out.