These were sketched while I was working on my most recent crochet project. I actually like the act of knitting and crocheting better than the final product. That's odd isn't it?

My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet when I was quite young. She would give my sister and I each a ball of yarn and those really long plastic needles and we would practice our knitting. We would spend the weekend at their house, knitting, watching TV shows like "Queen for a Day" (that dates me) and eating our favorite foods like 1/2 an avocado filled with her wonderful homemade dressing. They had a Siamese cat named Herman, who liked to eat wool. So, we would have to hide our knitting and of course all our sweaters. If he got to them, we would end up with large holes chewed in our sweaters and we were in trouble!

Often when I knit or crochet I think of my grandmother and those days so long ago.