I think I "sketchercised"

Yesterday my energy was quite low, so instead of pounding my body into the ground with a run to the bridge, I headed out on a fast walk with Sophie. A walk with her is never quite as fast as I would like because she is very busy being a dog—we stop a lot. I do, however, manage to tug her along so we can get our heart rates up. At the last minute, I decided to jam my small Moleskine watercolor sketchbook, a pen, bijou box and a waterbrush in the pocket of my fleece. Not at all confident that after all the effort to get it all in the pockets, I would actually sketch. However, I saw a granite bench overlooking the bay so after agonizing about stopping and quite a bit of tugging, I finally got the sketchbook out of my pocket and did a quick sketch of a tanker across the bay while Sophie watched. We then walked home and I told Sophie I think we just "sketchercised".