For Sale—"Virtual Open House"—Dining room

Suzanne Cabrera launched a "virtual open house" challenge to draw our living space or favorite moment in our home. Like her, I have a love of mid-century modern homes and furniture design. A few years ago, I renovated my first ranch style home complete with George Nelson Bubble lamp over the dining room table. When the house sold, the light went with the new owners. Some crazy rule about things that are attached...

I then bought a 1958 beat up old ranch (what a dump) and renovated it using Joseph Eichler and Cliff May as my inspiration for the open-floor plan redesign which included triangular and trapezoid shaped windows and an addition that wrapped around an inclosed courtyard. I bought a Nelson Bench and clock, an Eames chair and a Nogucchi lamp. I even found an old beat-up Eames plywood coffee table from a yard sale that I refinished.

Today, my beautiful renovated ranch is rented and will be for sale, because I live in Indonesia so much of the time. Unfortunately, the wonderful furniture is all in storage except for that 5' Nogucchi lamp that I have managed to wedge into the corner of my tiny studio room.