Sampai jumpa Tikus

It's the dreaded packing of the boxes again as we get ready for our trip back to the U.S. After a few hours of that chore, I took a break and sketched, Tikus, my cat named mouse. She is a mighty little thing and quite a character . We have enjoyed having her here and I will miss her. She is going back to Ali's family on Tuesday when Uul puts her back in the rice cooker box and she is placed between his feet on his motorcycle for her 1/2 ride back to Umalas. She is going back home (with a huge bag of crunchies) and she may come back to us when we return in October. She has had a wonderful time here as "kucing manja" "a spoiled cat" and she won't be another Bali pet having unwanted litter after litter.

Sketching my cat in my Moleskine as she sleeps and waits for more attention. Right now she is sleeping in my lap as I am posting these last sketches before I go back to packing. 

I am a huge animal lover and since moving to Bali last October I spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about most of the street dogs and cats. Too many unwanted and unhealthy kittens and puppies for lack of spaying and neutering. I had the opportunity to help this one little cat and I am glad of the choice I made. Hopefully she will have a good, long, healthy life doing what she likes to do the most—sleeping.