Since returning from the Charles Reid workshop a week ago I haven't even gone into my teeny tiny studio or anywhere else for that matter to paint. I actually haven't unpacked the totebags filled with all the supplies I dragged with me to Vermont and some stuff is still in the car. I have been busy doing other very important things that have demanded my immediate attention. 

Distraction #1 I can convince myself that a 4 mile run or 8 mile beach walk means I am too tired to do anything like draw or paint.

Distraction #2 I love dragging an armful of books and magazines around so when I find that perfect place to curl up, I have choices. I can read one or parts of each. I usually have an eclectic choice of art books, design magazines, some kind of informational non-fiction to slog through and a fun beach read. This is my current pile. I also think if I read about art it counts because I think about what I am going to draw or paint. It does count!

Distraction #3 I used to sew all the time in another place and time in my life. Now I use the sewing machine to mend and redesign clothes I don't wear anymore. I beat myself up a bit for buying the darn thing in the first place and then I look for the hidden potential that will not make my impulsive buy so hard to swallow. I will cut off legs or sleeves, add lace or fringe, change buttons, rip, bleach, embroider, shorten, lengthen or anything else to give it another chance and make it fun and wearable. If that doesn't work it goes to the Goodwill. My mother says I have been doing this forever.

More distractions to come...