Charles Reid workshop—Day 4...more flowers

Charles painted another still life this morning as we watched and hung on every word. Sometimes one of us will ask him why did that move or why he does something a certain way and he will chuckle and say "I don't really know". I think sometimes you just can't explain how art happens.
He is known for his signature splashy style, but some people, including his wife Judith, think it is too messy. So, today when someone mentioned it, he decided to clean it up. Even with many of us shouting not to do it, he took a cloth and started scrubbing like he was cleaning the kitchen counter. 

Today I got to sit in the front row and was sitting behind Charles watching over his right shoulder. I was able to see the still life so I did this quick 5 minute study while Charles was taking a break while he let the paint dry a bit.

Above is my still life painting from the afternoon. My photograph actually cropped too much of the original painting, but it is enough to show you my attempt at another floral still life shared by three other people with a bunch of random objects on a table. I have such a hard time with these!

Having finished with time to spare, the thought of another choatic still life was too much for me to handle. Annelein was on the other side of the room so I did a contour drawing of her while she successfully painted florals all afternoon. Charles wandered by as I was starting to paint and encouraged me to leave it as it was. All week he has complimented me on my drawing skills and today he said I need to paint like I draw...hmmmmmmmm, I wonder what that means. Anyway, he suggested I let the drawing be the focus and the painting support it . Above is my attempt at that direction.

Sketching and collaging my cup of tea this morning before class.