The never ending story

A few weeks ago my toenail finally came off from the motorcycle accident. As the weeks went by it began to heal and was not so bad (well, for Balinese feet standards), but the USA would be a different story—no sandals for me. Yesterday, when walking back into the kitchen with my kopi, my little cat was weaving in and out of my feet as I went to step over the 4" carved wooden door jam (which is rather stupid and dangerous). Trying to avoid crushing her, my foot caught on the jam and I tumbled through the door onto the stone kitchen floor, with my toe taking most of the impact. Crying, I managed to limp out of the kitchen but not without noticing that most of the kopi was still in the cup as I broke my fall with my hands—how odd is that!?!

After having to put my head between my legs because I thought I was going to throw up, I took a handful of Ibuprofin and whimpered on the couch for the rest of the morning. Finally the pain subsided and then it began to swell and turn blue. At first we thought it was broken, but I could eventually bend it so it is just really, really badly bruised and... is really really not pretty.