My new bike

After a short bike rental from another Balinese named Made, I decided to just go for it and buy one. About 1,000,000+ rupiahs would get me a bike with gears and a basket. Two things that were a must on my accessory list. So off I went with Paskalis, our gardener, on the Piaggio scooter to the bike shop. I thought we were just going across the Bypass and I would would have a short ride home, but those bikes are "terlalu mahal"(too expensive)! So off we went for a 12 kilometer ride to some bike  shop way in the city of Denpasar. After much negotiation I am the proud owner of a black Starlite Wimcycle with gears, a basket and white side wall tires. The ride home consisted of me riding like hell through crazy inner city traffic with Paskalis riding along side of me on the Piaggio giving me directions back to Sanur. I had a blast! Even wore my pink scooter helmet for extra safety, and yes, the girl at the bike shop giggled as I put it on. So now I enjoy riding my bike around Sanur (without a helmet), but always HATI-HATI!