"Look in my shop?"

Depending on what time of day I get out walking will determine how many times I will hear "Look in my shop?" Most of the time I respond with "Tidak terima kasih, jalan jalan" which in my limited Indonesian is "No thank you, I am walking". They are used to seeing me now and know I usually won't stop, but once in awhile I will pop in if I've stuffed a few rupiah into my pocket. Mostly it's stuff no one needs, but there I am haggling over a price (and sweating). There's "morning price", "good luck price" and of course, "best price". When they don't have the color I want, they run and get it from the shop next door. I like this Ibu and her friends at the far end of the beach. She let me take her picture, but not before she took off her jacket so she would look her best.