Feet on the dash

Last weekend we "rear-ended" the people we were following (I know, I know) to a party on the other side of the island in wild crazy busy Bali traffic going about 25 miles an hour. Their car has minor scratches, but our rental car has a very wrinkled hood. Supposedly the Balinese believe it is bad luck to have a dented vehicle—uh oh. So while I was sketching my feet, waiting for Jerry to pick up airline tickets, I had a stream of concerned people pointing, staring and asking how it happened. Of course, most of the concerned, spoke very little English and my Indonesian is okay, but I did not know any of the words to explain this mishap. So out of the car I got and acted out the crash scenario several times until Jerry returned to find me in the middle of my one act play. We still drive around with the big dent and my act is still running.