Death of the Snowman

The Snowman, 3 months, of Portland Maine, met his demise on Saturday March 7, 2009

The actual date of birth of the Snowman is unknown, but he came to live with Sophie in December 2008 after she stole him from the toy box of the dog next door. He lived an active life romping with Sophie and her other toys. He loved to be scooped up, given a good couple of shakes, dragged around the room and then getting his nose gnawed on. He suffered major complications over the weekend and we were unable to save him. Both eyes were missing, the hat was hanging by a thread and stuffing and beans were coming out of a large hole in his side. It was time to say goodbye.

The Snowman is survived by Sophie, the Meercat, the chicken (also stolen), the monkey and the old squirrel.