This is Sophie who is clearly, the cutest dog on the planet. She is my best pal and makes me laugh, everyday. When she is really happy, back from a walk or showing off for guests, she grabs one of her many toys, gives it a good hard shake and then runs around the dining room table hoping that someone is running after her. It is amazing how many adults will do this.

It was snowing the other night so I was sitting by the fire sketching Soph. As you can imagine, being the cutest dog on the planet (see above), I have pages and pages of sketches of this dog, most of which I don't post—thank god. As usual her toys were strewn around the room and I started to look closely at what she has done to them in a short time.

This Meercat (I actually have no idea what this is) is not much of a stuffed toy anymore. The squeeker is long gone and so is most of the stuffing. 

This snowman came home with her after we returned from Bali. The eyes are gone now and the hat will be the next to go. She works hard on that nose but it isn't budging.
The chicken is also a new addition. It's squeeker is still intact but makes no noise. There is not much more to say about it, but she loves it and sometimes I find it in my bed...