My new cat

This wild cat spends evenings in our garden hunting for food. I have also spotted him with a mouse running past the tables in the open-air restaurant across the street. This is his hood. On Thanksgiving he sat on the front step so we tossed him some grouper. He ran when we approached with the fish, but as soon as we walked away he  managed to get up the courage and down on that grouper. He got quite a bit of fish and probably ended up lying on his back with a big full tummy sleeping off his Thanksgiving dinner. He is wild and will never be sleeping at the foot of our bed, but he is a good mouser and I continue to toss him food when we are home. Last night, when I walked out of the kitchen, he was crouched in this Frangipani tree giving me a tiny pitiful meow. Luck was with him as I found a can of sardines. After his snack he took off and watched from his perch on the roof.