Made (Ma-day) #2 child

I have seen Made many times on my beach walks. I was surprised when he came and sat for us in life drawing on Saturday. He spoke no English and seemed a little nervous—who wouldn't be with seven Bule staring at you. He sat very still and let us draw his wonderful face.

The Balinese believe that a persons name is very important and can affect a child's life. Their naming system involves factors such as caste, clan, birth order, sex of the child and parents choice. Here is the short version.
First child—Gede, Wayan or Putu
Second child—Made, Kadek or Nengah
Third child—Nyoman or Komang
Fourth child—Ketut
And then they start all over again. So number #5 child in the family may also be named Wayan. We have met many people with all these names. One Balinese said since modern families are getting smaller, Bali may one day be a country of just Wayan's and Made's. That cracked me up!

I'm not sure if Made in the above drawing is #2, #6 or #10...