Pasar klungkung

Before I took a Balinese cooking class we went to a traditional pasar (market) in the village of Klungkung. We were the only Bule (Caucasions) and I am far taller than most Balinese. It was an amazing experience to see all the unusual and delicious food being sold—cheap! I sampled things I thought I would never try. It was not easy to see ducks being carried by their feet quaking away.

Ayam (chicken)—This hen and her chick were wandering around pecking away at the prayer offerings.
Cabe merah (red chilis)—These finger chilis are not very hot and they are one of the ingredients in Bumbu Bali which is the base of all Balinese cooking. We ground the ingredients with a mortar and pestle. I am now making Bumbu Bali at home with my new food processor.
Woman selling pisang (bananas) while having makan pagi (breakfast).