Balinese remedy

We spent the weekend at a tranquil resort up the east coast of the island. The chef told us of this Balinese remedy for an upset stomach. The black and white frame symbolizes the polarity of positive and negative forces. The Balinese black and white poleng cloth is what inspired this addition to the journal page.

Poleng cloth: This cloth can be seen throughout Bali, usually tied around statues, tree trunks or large stones. The concept, rwa bhineda, is a view of mutual dualism that makes up the world. Two opposite things that depend on each other to exist, such as day and night, low and high, dry and rainy seasons, bitter and sweet and black and white. The Balinese believe that the balance of this mutual dualism will bring prosperity and peacefulness to mankind. The concept of balance is expressed perfectly by the poleng cloth with the number of white squares always being equal with the black ones.