Yarmouth Island watercolors

My first sketch after arriving on Yarmouth Island. As I  bushwhacked my way along the trail, I got eaten alive by mosquitos, stabbed in the brain by a branch and I skinned my knee trying to duck under a blow down. Scraped, scratched and sweaty, I finally arrived on the other side of the island at place called South Rocks. I sat on a sort of flat rock with my paints perched on a sort of flat rock with the sketch book and Sophie in my lap...crazy!
Twelve of us "Island Women" had evening cocktails on 'The Mountain" the first evening of my arrival. Though sunny, warm and humid, I was clothed in long sleeves and long pants so I could paint. This vista looks Down East towards Small Point, Maine. Of course, these blood thirsty island mosquitos managed to torment me enough to make this a bit messy.
The next day Sophie and I hiked along the water from "The Mushroom" , a 100 year old cabin where I stayed, to the dock. We stopped and while I painted Sophie was able to keep cool by lying in the wet seaweed as the tide receded.