5 more Favorite Things—Every Day in May

I always look forward to my morning skinny Chai or Vanilla Tea Latte. I know it is just a big cup of liquid sugar, but it is so good. I am an addict.

This is my favorite healthy snack. 

This is my favorite not so healthy snack. I rarely succumb to this temptation, because it means a longer gym workout, but I really enjoyed eating this bag last night. Now, I am off to the gym...

My favorite city is Barcelona, Spain. The art, architecture, food and wine and let's not forget the absolutely best coffee in the world. I would give up Chai for that coffee! The Gaudi architecture is amazing. I was in awe and speechless as I stared at his beautiful sculptural buildings. Above is a sketch of the serpentine mosaic bench in the Park Guell overlooking the city.

I have a lot of favorite books, but "The Creative License" changed my life. Last summer I read this book and started to sketch again for the first time since college. As an art and creative director, I sketched layout after layout, selling merchandise for a large catalog company, but rarely when I walked out of the office did I sketch for myself. Joining the EDM group and creating my blog has been such an amazing experience. Not only do I sketch and paint, but I have this wonderful group of talented people that encourages and inspires me, everyday.