"Daily Sketches—2015"

I started this year with a daily sketch routine hoping not to find my sketch books laying unopened waiting for me to pry one open and do what I unequivically love to do—sketch the world around me.  
Using the Every Day Matters prompts I am hoping to keep a drawing habit as close to daily as possible…hopefully... 

EDM #5—Draw my bedmuch of the time my longtime best friend Sophie is burrowed into the pillows on my bed. 

EDM #6—Draw your favorite well-loved objects—I have a Staedtler pigment liner, Kuretake brush pen, mechanical pencil and a kneaded eraser on my workroom table, coffee table and next to my bed along with in a plastic bag in my handbag, my car and my totebag/ or back pack. My favorite go to sketch tools. 

Dogs— Every year I donate to a shelter dog organization. This year when a dog appears in one of my daily drawings I will donate a small gift to that shelter. Two dogs in this daily post is a gift to Best Friends Animal Society. 
Also starting ResQwalk.com/App for my daily Sophie walks.