My mom

Jacqueline 10" x 10"
Acrylic, ink and pencil on wooden panel

My mother, Jackie, is spending time with me in Maine. She is 89 and staying in the downstairs condo through October when the cold will chase back out west. She has slowed down a bit, but still very sharp.
Every morning after my run, we go for a walk to the beach, around the block and back to get a latte and a bagel at Scratch bakery. I am usually 10 feet in front of her calling over my shoulder “I can hear you”, “pick up your feet” or heel/toe, mom”. I am a real nag!!!
A voracious reader she spends the day on the front porch reading one of her two her Kindles, chatting with all the people walking their dogs and catching up on the world news.
She’s my mother so she makes me a little crazy, but this time together is a gift.

This is the first time I have really ever used acrylic for a painting. I liked how easy it was as opposed to oils with solvent and mediums which are starting to feel more and more toxic to me. I will definitely use again, but will need to get used to its quick drying quality.