Camino life

Early morning day 4 of the Camino walk. I am drinking a cup of cafe con leche before we start. Upon reflecting on a few things so far I have done that I am not proud...
1. I stole a pillow from Iberia airlines and then abandoned it a day later.
2. I stole a hand towel from the hotel to use to pad my shoulders from my seemingly heavy pack.
3. I packed too much in my pack so my shoulders hurt.
4. My pack was so heavy by end of day three that I thought I was going to throw up, but instead I peed in the  city park in the walled city of Pamplona.
5. I ate an entire package of digestive cookies : )

Abandoned Art!!! Sketched Michael at his tarvern in Ziburi and gave it to him. He was so was I.
Gracias Michael!