Beautiful Bali—week one

I arrived in Bali a week ago after two years away. Much of the first week was getting used to the time change, trying to understand what everyone was saying, catching up with old friends and meeting new very interesting people. I was at first completely baffled by this complicated language until it all started to come back to me and then even easier with the help of the Google Translater App! On top of that I came down with a giant Balinese head cold. Made it through an entire winter in Maine then arrive in the warm tropics and I get a beastly cold—hard to figure that one! 
Indonesian remedy for batuk (cough)—do not drink anything cold—only hot drinks. 3 times a day lemon and honey with hot water or fresh ginger tea.

 Balinese ceremony and offerings.

 Afternoon sketching at a beach cafe.

Dinner with friends and time to draw while everyone was talking, drinking and ordering. Jerry's friend Tom has such a great face so I drew him several times.

Dinner at Lestari restaurant in Umalas Bali. Jerry and I with friend Henny from Bali Arts magazine.